Poem: Why Is Art so Beautiful?

Hello there! This poem arose from a single question– why does true art impact us so deeply? For some reason, answering it in poetry seemed to fit, so I went with it.

I believe the best art creates a union between head and heart, which is why it’s uniquely poised to help us internalize God’s truth. Creating and appreciating beautiful, meaningful works requires logic, clear thinking, and intentionality. Yet, it also calls upon the artist or appreciator to pour forth their human emotion and creativity. It’s a delicate balance that produces something exquisite.

I hope this poem of a young boy’s wonder resonates with you regardless of whether you’re an artist or simply a lover of beauty.

Why Is Art so Beautiful?

“Why is art so beautiful?”

Asked a boy with eyes of awe.

“Why does it bring such longing close,

Flooding light to make you raw?”


I pondered for a moment,

Feeling hopelessly at loss.

“Art is not God, but ’tis a way

He reveals His truth to us.


“It speaks inside,” I went on,

Catching clarity like sparks,

“Because it forms a unity–

A bridge between head and heart.”


The boy nodded, thinking hard.

“I should like to hold such threads,

Weaving feeling next to logic

To create a soulful mend.”


Dawning on his fervent face

Was a glimpse beyond the mist.

I knew without a shadowed doubt

The world just gained an artist.

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