When Eras End: A Poem

Hello, dear readers,

This poem is very personal and near to my heart. There have been a number of “endings” in my life these past few months, the most recent of which was selling my faithful horse yesterday.

Seeing as I tried to capture some of the emotion that accompanies saying goodbye, this free verse poem is far from perfect.

But it’s real. It’s raw. And it’s full of love.

This is for all the hard, beautiful goodbyes we have to say in life.

When Eras End

When eras end they bring

Bittersweet goodbyes

You never thought you’d say,

And daunting, new hellos 

That blind you with unknowns.


When hearts break, they fracture

Into lovely shards you treasure

Deep inside your chest, 

Bringing grief in gentle streams

Of sadness pure and clean. 


When dear memories rise it’s for

The pain you couldn’t bear

Without those precious times 

That rhyme with every joy

To soothe your weeping soul. 


When tears melt down your cheeks

It’s a word of love you didn’t get to speak,

A balm of moon-spun healing

To every heartstring aching

A note resolving this final ending.

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