Deciding Fictional Characters’ Enneagram Types

Hello, dear readers!

Sorry for missing last week’s post. Life has been a little crazy. However, I had a bunch of fun with today’s post– going through the Enneagram personality types and choosing a character for each one.

So long as they’re taken with a grain of salt, I find the Enneagram helpful for understanding what makes myself and others tick. Plus, it’s wonderful for when I’m fleshing out my own characters, trying to get in their head for why they act a certain way. Seeing where people, real or fictional, align with these types is always fascinating. Hence the reason you were landed with this post.

Besides, what’s more entertaining than using random personality traits to make arbitrary categories for people who don’t really exist? Clearly nothing. *cough*

Note: all the pictures are not my own and are from other, far more talented people. Every image was found on Pinterest.

1. The Perfectionist

Dalinar Kholin from The Stormlight Archive

Found on Pinterest

High-minded idealists who hold themselves to perfection because they fear who they’d become if they didn’t? Sounds like Dalinar Kholin to me. With his Codes, history of being the Blackthorn, and self-righteousness infused with guilt, Dalinar struck me almost instantly as a One when I recently re-read The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson (and that discovery prompted this post).

Though he’s constantly seeing situations in terms of what is right or blaming himself for what he should have done better, his dedication to virtue inspires most everyone around him. Even those who oppose him, like Sadeas, can’t help but notice the lofty standard to which Dalinar holds himself and his men while still getting annoyed with the rigidity. In the midst of the Alethi nobles, his character sets him apart.

For the record, I’m a One. However, I unfortunately can’t summon a Shardblade like Dalinar.

2. The Helper

Nynaeve al’Meara from The Wheel of Time

Found on Pinterest

I really struggled to find a character for this type and almost picked Molly Weasley. However, though I’m only on book 5 in the Wheel of Time series, I think braid-tugging Nynaeve fits very well as a Two. As the village Wisdom, she thrives on helping others, whether it be through advice or healing. This also means she’s rather bossy when she wants her aid to be accepted and can lapse into anger. Her perception of self-worth is closely tied to what she can do for other people.

Despite these flaws, Nynaeve genuinely wants to help and cares about others’ needs. She just has an interesting way of showing it sometimes. I’m curious to see where her character arc goes in the rest of the series.

3. The Performer

Kelsier from Mistborn

Found on Pinterest

We Mistborn need not make sense.

— Kelsier, Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

That single quote sums up so much of Kelsier’s character. Threes are charismatic, competent leaders who are concerned with how people perceive them– attributes that describe Kelsier well. He’s looked up to by all the members of his crew (and later most of Luthadel), motivating them to give their best and achieve the impossible.

He has a *bit* of an ego, desperately wanting to make waves and become legendary, but despite his vanity and darker edge, Kelsier catalyzed the change Luthadel needed.

4. The Individualist

Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter

Found on Pinterest

You’d be hard pressed to find a dreamier, more artistic, quirkier character in literature than Luna Lovegood. She unapologetically adheres to her own style, and self-expression is a natural part of who she is. We also see her be very vulnerable, opening up about her mother’s death or the way she has few friends at a school where she’s frequently teased.

The one area where Luna doesn’t seem to fit a typical Four’s description is with emotional billows. For the most part, Luna is described as a serene, calm presence. However, in the research I did, it sounds like this actually does describe Fours at their healthiest. They can feel strong emotions and not let them be overwhelming.

5. The Investigator

Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice

Found on Pinterest

Intelligent, logical, and private, Mr. Darcy seems like the quintessential Five to me. He strives to be capable and knowledgeable, often coming across as haughty when these attributes are combined with his propensity for silence.

Mr. Darcy is focused and tends to have a few, close, trusted friends rather than a large group. He prefers observing the party to joining in and is motivated by a desire for understanding. As such, he’s often the most sensible person in any given group.

While I end up referencing Jane Austen’s books way too much on this blog, I suppose there are plenty worse problems to have.

6. The Loyalist

Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

Found on Pinterest

Honestly, I just kept imagining “Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire!” in Ceasar Flickerman’s voice while writing this.

Anyway, back to discussing why I think Katniss is definitely a Six. Almost immediately, Katniss displays her extreme loyalty towards those she loves and the way she’ll fight fiercely to protect them. Often, she’ll fight harder for her friends and family than she will for herself. Her underlying motive is a need for security and safety, both personally and for those she loves.

Katniss is suspicious, especially of authority, seeing problems well before they occur. She’s constantly vigilant and always assessing potential threats. Sixes can also struggle with pessimism and indecision (love triangle, anyone?). However, you couldn’t ask for a more loyal ally, better problem-solver, or firmer friend.

7. The Enthusiast

Leo Valdez from The Heroes of Olympus

Found on Pinterest

Leo Valdez– energetic, hilarious, and a total Seven. Leo is constantly fiddling with something new, moving on to whatever is exciting or interesting. He thrives on working on his projects, though he sometimes uses this as a distraction from the pain of losing his mom and rough experiences as a foster kid.

Sevens are motivated by a need to avoid pain and a desire to feel good, which I think fits Leo fairly well. There are a few times where he refuses to seriously confront an issue facing him because it would be painful. Being so spontaneous, Leo’s such a fun character to read about, since you’re never quite sure what crazy idea he’ll concoct or humorous line he’ll deliver.

8. The Challenger

Spensa Nightshade from Skyward

Found on Pinterest

This is the last of Sanderson’s characters I’ll mention in this post, I promise. (Never mind the fact there’s only one more type to talk about…)

Spensa is such a vivid character with her bellicose attitude and war-like declarations. In true Eight fashion, she comes across as confident, occasionally intimidating, strong, and struggles to be vulnerable. She wants to prove her courage and overcome whatever’s standing in her way.

However, like everyone, Spensa has her flaws. Namely, recklessness, aggression, and a dislike for anything that might make her appear weak. One of my favorite aspects of Skyward is watching her grow through those challenges and step into being truly heroic. She’s an incredibly resilient warrior.

9. The Peacemaker

Beth March from Little Women

Found on Pinterest

“Peacemaker” is an excellent way to describe Beth March. The quietest and sweetest of the the March sisters, she often resolves the conflict between the others and avoids getting in the middle of anything close to a dispute.

Her greatest strength, the ability to smooth out confrontations, can also be her biggest limitation however. Sometimes Beth will be so eager to avoid things that she deprives herself of wonderful experiences. Even with this, I think it’s safe to say everyone needs the gentle strength of someone like Beth March in their life.

So, there are the characters I would choose for each Enneagram type. Do you agree with my decisions? Also, what’s your Enneagram type? Let me know in the comments!

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