A Grey and Silent Hue: A Poem

Hello, dear readers,

What’s it like when you reread your old writing? I usually savor a moment of fond nostalgia before I absolutely cringe, seeing every typo, grammatical mistake, and weak word choice in sharp relief. However, sometimes I look back and realize something I wrote was surprisingly decent.

That’s this poem.

I wrote it a couple years ago, but I still think it’s one of my better experiments in poetry. It’s loosely inspired by The Death of Ivan Ilych by Leo Tolstoy. And yes, the short story is just as depressing as it sounds, though it presents many ideas that make it worth reading.

At the heart of it is the regret of a person who didn’t live their life according to what truly matters. This is what makes it such a tragic tale, but also incredibly important. We have a chance to align our lives with what is meaningful, the One who makes it meaningful, and we should take that opportunity.

A Grey and Silent Hue

Death, my soul shies from you

But why?

Because I never accomplished what I wanted to.

I lied

When truth was poised, instead I flew.

Honor was denied.

Time, time! I ply,

My regrets are mountains too large to move.

Cold are Death’s eyes.

In my anguish, a cry I let loose.

I die.

That’s all for today. Have you read The Death of Ivan Ilych? And, most importantly, do you spell it “grey” or “gray?”

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