30 Bookish Gift Ideas That Are Perfect For This Christmas

Hello, dear readers!

Is anyone else surprised that Christmas is just around the corner? Many of the people who I’ve talked to are scrambling to finish Christmas shopping and preparations, because– with all the craziness this year has brought– the holidays have crept up on us. Hence the reason that a number of the gift ideas I’m about to show you are perfect for last minute purchases.

Hopefully some of these ideas help you find the right gift for a book-lover in your life. (Or, you know, you can send this list to someone else to “subtly” hint at what they should give you. 😉 )

1- Book T-Shirt: A t-shirt that proclaims a love of books, reading, or a particular series makes a fantastic, affordable gift.

2- Bookish Jewelry: I love book related jewelry. It’s an elegant way to show a love of reading while looking amazing.

3- Virtual Signing Tickets: Many authors have switched from live signings to virtual ones, making it easier to attend events that would ordinarily be too far away or require extensive travel time. I’ve taken part in two virtual releases since the pandemic hit (for Dust by Kara Swanson and Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson), and while they were very different from being there live, I had a fantastic time at both.

4- Candle: Perhaps it’s not very original, but candles make a nice gift. There are also businesses that create candles with scents inspired by different books and characters, which is a fun twist on a classic choice.

5- Tea or Coffee: “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a reader in possession of a good book, must be in want of tea or coffee.” Or something like that, anyway. (Bonus points if you get the reference.)

6- Mug: After all, if you get them tea or coffee, they’re going to need a mug to go with it.

7- Book Box: A book box can be a great way to give not only a book, but also fun swag to accompany it. If you’re looking for a recommendation, I’d suggest the Ink Drinker Book Box, which is run by a writer friend of mine.

8- Bookmarks: Because we all know that wanton dog earring is the first step towards becoming a monster.

9- Reading Light: These are useful and make for a unique gift. Being able to clip on a portable light makes it feasible to read anywhere.

10- Reading Pillow: Another practical idea. Plus, it’s cheaper than chiropractic care. 😉

11- Book Cover Art Print: Though any book related art print would make a lovely gift, getting one of the recipient’s favorite novel would make it extra special. People say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but some covers are simply stunning and would make an excellent wall hanging.

12- Bag: To meet all their book toting needs. Plus, you win the “coolest gift” award if the bag has a quote from Hermione Granger on it.

13- Book Ends: There are some neat book ends out there, ranging from the Hogwarts Express to sabres that look like they’re impaling your tomes.

14- Bookstagram Props: If the person is a bookstagrammer, some props for their photos could make for a nice gift. Of course, what those props are will depend on the types of pictures they take.

15- Signed Book Plates: Signatures add a personal touch to a book. Even if most of the time they’re an illegible scrawl, it’s still an illegible scrawl by the author of the book, so… that makes it better?

16- Reservations for the Sylvia Beach Hotel: Y’all, there is a hotel with author themed rooms. You can make reservations for rooms inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Agatha Christie, and many others. I’ve never been, but this sounds amazing!

17- Trip to Historic Literary Locations: Traveling may be out of the picture depending on your current restrictions, but if you live in the right place, visiting an historic birthplace, museum, or house of an author might be a wonderful experience to give instead of another knick knack that will collect dust.

18- Socks: Not just any pair of socks, of course– ones with books, quotes, or Doomslug.

19- Blanket: Every reader needs at least one cozy blanket to curl up with.

20- Donate Their Favorite Book to a Library: This idea is a little different, but instead of giving them an object for Christmas, it might be special for them to know others will be able to discover a beloved novel at their local library.

21- Support a Literacy Charity: Again, this one is focused on serving others and is a gift that keeps on giving. Do your research to find a charity that truly helps in a sustainable way, then make a donation in honor of the book-lover you know.

22- Book Key Chain: Though simple and small, this truly does make a nice gift. If you go onto a site like Etsy, you can find all sorts of book key chains that depict a wide variety of titles.

23- Gift Card to Their Favorite Bookstore: Ah, ye olde reliable gift givin’ method– the gift card. I know some people find gift cards generic, but I think they’re nice to receive because I can select exactly what I want at a later date.

24- Audible Subscription: Audible is a great way to consume stories on the go, and even if the person you give it to is picky about their narrators (like I am), a subscription will allow them to choose which titles they want without risk of you purchasing one they don’t like.

25- Special Dust Jackets: There are certain stores that sell exclusive or custom dust jackets for your favorite books. This option is unique and will spice up any bookshelf.

26- Folded Book Art: You’ve probably seen these. It’s the books with their pages folded to create a design. Which, on the one hand, makes me go “those poor books!” and on the other is really neat. The intricate images people can create through simple folding is incredible.

27- Gift Card to Their Favorite Coffee Shop: I know, another gift card option, but who doesn’t love the opportunity to treat themselves with their favorite hot beverage?

28- Reading Notebook: If you know a bookworm who takes notes while they read or records the titles they plow through in a year, a notebook would make a great gift for them.

29- Custom Library Stamp: You know that trepidation that arises from lending out a book? What if the other person never returns it? What if they forget that it belongs to you? Well, a custom library stamp is the way to combat that. It would say something like “This book belongs to Evelyn Brooks,” and you stamp each book with it to keep track of your books, reminding people that it’s your preciousss. *cue Gollum noises*

30- B O O K S: C’mon, you had to expect this. There’s a reason we’re called book-lovers. If you don’t want to go the traditional route by giving them a book on their TBR, maybe gift them a childhood favorite, or one that’s written by a debut author you know.

We made it! You now have 30 gift ideas for the book-lovers in your life, and only one of those suggestions is actual books.

So, what’s on your bookish Christmas list?

“For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” — Isaiah 9:6, NKJV

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