Half-Alien Masterminds and Sarcastic Pilots| Meet My MC Writers Linkup

Hello, readers,

Today’s post is one I’m thrilled to finally be sharing with you. Why is that? Because I get to introduce you to the main characters of my WIP, The Fury of the Stars, which I’ve kept pretty quiet about up until now. You’ll get to hear all about it today, however.

Maya Joelle is doing a writers linkup where people talk about their MCs, and when I saw her announcement, I immediately knew it would be a ton of fun. The rules are:

  • Answer the ten questions about your MC.
  • Link back to Maya’s original post.
  • If you want, you can use the graphic she provided, but this isn’t a requirement.
  • At the end of the month, Maya will make a post compiling all the posts so that we can meet everyone else’s MCs.
  • The linkup runs January 1- 30. You’re still welcome to answer the questions after, but they won’t be included in the master post Maya creates.

Sound good? Without further ado, let me introduce you to Andrew and Hope, the main characters of the novel I’m currently drafting, The Fury of the Stars.

1 || Introduce your MC. What’s their name? Age? Appearance? (Sharing collages/inspiration photos encouraged!)

Since my WIP is a dual POV novel, I’ll introduce you to both.

Photo found on Pinterest

First off, we have Andrew Erelius. He’s 21, and his half-human, half-Havodren blood is marked by the steel-blue scales armoring his forearms. His ash-blonde hair is similar in style to the Tenth Doctor’s, and he has light blue eyes that give legendary glares. All his movements are precise and controlled, giving no doubt that his world is disciplined and planned out. If you get the impression that he’s analyzing every detail about you, you’re probably right.

Photo found on Pinterest

On the other hand, there’s Hope Kildara, strongly-built, nineteen-year-old human. Her hair is always a little messy and flyaway, and she wears it pulled back into a loop at the base of her neck. A splash of freckles is scattered across her nose, and she has an expressive mouth that’s prone to giving away her emotions, whether it’s set with grim determination or quirked into a grin as she delivers some snarky remark. She can usually be found crossing her arms, leaning against a wall, or raising her eyebrows at you.

2 || Explain how your MC fits into the plot of your book (as best you can without spoiling it all…).

In a nutshell: Andrew is grappling with his predicament of masterminding the enslavement of Hope’s planet, and Hope is trying to escape the Havodren siege ship so she can pilot her people to freedom.

The more official explanations:

In a Havodren culture that scorns him for his half-human blood, Andrew secures the medicine his younger brother needs the only way he can– using his wits to secretly win battles for the Havodren admiral he poses as aide to. The admiral receives the glory he craves, and Andrew is given the vital medicine in return. All he has to do is close his eyes to the injustice of the Havodren empire. When his latest orders arrive, however, he faces a battle he can’t win: enslave the humans on Imaranthis, signing away his conscience, or refuse and watch the Havodren slaughter the humans to gain their resources, losing the medicine his brother depends on in the process.

Hope is one of the pilots for the humans’ daring exodus from Imaranthis, their one chance at leaving behind their Havodren oppressors and gaining a seat on the Empyrean Court which will allow them to protect themselves in the future. Before the escape, Hope and a few other pilots are taken prisoner on a Havodren siege ship, throwing their plans into chaos as the Havodren push for the humans’ unconditional surrender into enslavement. Hope has a single week to get off the siege ship and return home, otherwise her home compound will be abandoned without a pilot as the other humans flee.

3 || What’s the first thing your MC says in the story? The last? A random quote from the middle that you like?

Andrew’s first line of dialogue is “I’ve been observing him.” Hope’s is “Kildara, ready.”

Full disclosure, I went and changed Andrew’s first line so that it was less bizarre out of context and revealed more of his character. So, it’s thanks to you this story is better!

4 || Which other character would die for your MC?

Let’s just say I’ve given this some thought. In my defense, it’s up to the author to know what would break her characters.

Hope’s best friend, Via, would undoubtedly die for her. So would either of her parents.

Andrew’s younger brother, Jacob, would die for him. Jacob is probably my favorite side character even though he gets very little time on-screen. He’s just so good, and the voice of morality that Andrew needs to soften his pragmatic edge.

5 || Would your MC die for them?

Hope would definitely be willing to die in order to save Via or anyone in her family. She’s selfless like that and extremely protective of those she loves. One of her best qualities is that if something needs to be done, she’s your girl. She loves filling needs and helping people.

Andrew absolutely would. He actually has some issues when it comes to what he wouldn’t do for Jacob. I’m making him work on that.

6 || Have any major details about your MC changed since you first created them?

Well, back when The Fury of the Stars was just an incredibly derivative sci-fi flash fiction, Hope was actually going to be a fighter pilot. Yes, I am fully aware of how overdone fighter pilots are in sci-fi. I’ve changed it so that now she’s a cargo pilot, and not only does it work better for the plot, it also shows a unique side of operations that isn’t frequently explored. Not everyone is an ace pilot who can take down battle stations with their eyes closed. *cough* Luke *cough* Having supplies is vital, yet you don’t see many stories following those in the less glamorous support roles. However, this fits Hope nicely, since she will fight if need be, but her heart lies in supporting people.

Other than that, I tweaked the anxiety she deals with to center more around an event that occurs in the beginning of the book.

There isn’t a whole lot about Andrew that’s changed.

7 || What characters (from books/movies not by you) remind you of your MC? Why?

Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender and Ender Wiggin from Ender’s Game both are similar to Andrew. Zuko because his arc centers around him struggling to choose what’s right and realizing he’s attempting to earn the favor of his father, who will never truly respect him. Ender for his loner mentality and strategical brilliance.

Hope… hmm, Kaladin from The Stormlight Archive in some ways, because Hope is very loyal and protective about those she cares for and blames herself when they get hurt. Hope is also snarky like Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles. Maybe Lily from Dust, too? Because she’s the type of person who you want looking out for you, is loyal to the end, and also fiercely loves and cares about people. That’s something I deeply admire about Hope– the deep, genuine love she has for people, and the way she fights to help broken people heal.

If only she could show herself the same compassion.

8 || Share your MC’s favorites! [ color, food, type of clothing, place, type of music, season, smell, etc. ]

This is one of those things about writing other worlds: there aren’t as many familiar items and media. So, for this question, I will NOT be listing in-world things and will instead imagine what they would like from our world. That way, I won’t bog you all down with worldbuilding details.

Hope loves:

  • Deep plums and vibrant corals.
  • The majesty of a sunrise.
  • Hoodies and Converse sneakers.
  • “Fight Song” by Rachel Patten and “Fix My Eyes” by for KING & COUNTRY
  • The movie Top Gun and the book Skyward.
  • Autumn
  • Seafood, dumplings, and creamy stews.
  • Simply hanging out with friends and family, enjoying laughter and conversation.
  • Wide open expanses, like the sky or the sea.

Andrew’s favorites are:

  • Cerulean blues, silvers, and blacks.
  • The elated feeling after you solve a problem.
  • Friendly competition.
  • Crisp jackets that button all the way to his chin.
  • Hamilton and Beethoven’s Eroica
  • Playing chess with his younger brother.
  • Winter
  • The smell of mint
  • Constellations

9 || If your MC wasn’t involved in your story, what would they be doing? (Basically: what’s their dream life? Where do they want to live, what do they want to do?)

Hmm, this one is hard because their “ideal” lives change through the course of the story as they grow and their situations shift.

Andrew’s ideal life would involve him being free, no longer having to endure the insults hurled at him for being half-human, and not needing to constantly be on edge to protect both himself and his brother. It doesn’t matter to him so much what he does– he’s smart and can forge his own way– he cares more about the type of life he lives. He’d select one where he’s free.

Hope would want to live on a planet with wide open spaces with her loved ones nearby. She’d probably still be a cargo pilot, because she loves how flying brings her close to the sky, and would spend a lot of time with her nieces and nephews. If she could choose, she also wouldn’t have anxiety.

10 || Share a fun extra (another collage, a playlist, a scene from the story, a drawing, etc.)

You can’t choose what struggles life deals you— what you can choose is how to respond. If fear hisses in your mind, what matters is that you fight back with truth, whether it be a battle cry or a ragged whisper,” Cari said.

Tears blurred my vision. My soul had needed to hear those words so badly. I felt a thousand pounds and ten thousand worries lighter.

“I don’t know if I can believe all that,” I murmured.


The Fury of the Stars, Evelyn Brooks

That’s a snippet from Hope’s POV in the middle of the book. So far, these are my favorite lines in the entire novel.

Thanks for letting me introduce you to Hope and Andrew. I had SO much fun participating in this writers linkup. I feel like I understand by characters even better now, and I hoped you enjoyed getting to meet them too. Thanks again to Maya Joelle for putting this together.

If you’re working on a project, let me know in the comments what your MC is like!

6 thoughts on “Half-Alien Masterminds and Sarcastic Pilots| Meet My MC Writers Linkup

  1. I LOVE THIS STORY. Seriously, it sounds so awesome. Andrew is like Ender Wiggin? Hope is like Kaladin and Lily and Cinder? I would love to read this!! And your MCs are amazing (:

    Thank you so much for participating!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. These characters sound amazing! Your descriptions of them are so vibrant! I can tell you put a lot of thought into this story. At the moment, I’m working on a vague idea for a fantasy story about people known as wildsingers and feyspeakers. The main characters are Skender (an overconfident antihero who will do anything to keep his promises) and Vanya (a teenage girl who protects a magical orb). 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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