Short Fiction

Mirrored Beauty: A Flash Fiction

Pain bloomed across Maya’s lower lip as she chewed it. She stared into the mirror, seeing her own face screwed up in worried concentration as she attempted to wrangle her hair around the wand of the curling iron. 

Maya had two minutes until she needed to walk out the door and head to her graduation, so naturally her hair still looked like a nuclear testing zone.

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Gates of Gold and Glass: A Short Story

Laydra couldn’t tear her gaze away from the gates that suddenly materialized in the JC Penney’s junior’s clothing section. Her heart started pounding, constricting her vision around the doors. Blood throbbed a beat in her head: No. That’s impossible. How?

What were they doing here?

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Gates of Gold and Glass: A Short Story Pt. 2

Laydra hugged her jacket closer and turned away from the alley holding the gates to cross the street with the rest of the crowd. Didaren had been infecting her dreams lately, tormenting her with visions of her old world. Fire, blood, and beauty. 

Laydra continued walking home, ignoring the doors when they materialized in front of a restaurant to her left. Clearly, if they’d found her, it was time to uproot again. She’d have to start over with another new identity and home. 

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A Late-Summer Song: A Short Story

It wasn’t a perfect summer, but it was the most quintessential. Quintessential was a funny word. 


Eliza could taste the syllables as she pulled her bike out of the rack. The car’s headlights stared sadly as she walked past.

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