YA Historical Fantasy

Status: WIP, First Draft Complete

Word Count: 51,000

LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN’S life is a blur of unrelenting pressure and midnight practices as his alcoholic father attempts to mold him into the next Mozart. A chance to appease his father comes when Ludwig discovers a mute girl made of clockwork named ELISE who is alive. By teaching her to play the piano and perform with him, Ludwig dreams of drawing a crowd large enough to sate his father’s ambitions, stop his drinking, and perhaps foster the father-son relationship they’ve never had. But the secret of Elise’s former owner clicks into place the more they play, and it could shatter everything Ludwig has worked for.

TESSA KLEIN, a pianist in modern day Austria, is pursuing her dream of joining the Vienna Philharmonic despite feeling like she’s chasing a ghost of her former life after the concussion that stole her memories. While preparing a Beethoven piece for the audition, unpaid bills force her to become a caretaker for a retired professor who specialized in Beethoven. The professor shares unverified journals from the composer’s youth, journals that infuse her audition piece with life. But more than that, they also hold answers about her missing memories.  

The story they contain entwines Tessa’s life with Beethoven’s and Elise’s, revealing a spell that has spanned centuries.

The Fury of the Stars

YA Science Fiction

Status: First Draft Complete

Word Count: 54,000

ANDREW ERELIUS, scorned by the rest of the Havodren for his half-human blood, secures his younger brother’s medicine the only way he can– using his wits to secretly win battles for the Havodren admiral he poses as aide to. The admiral receives the glory he craves, and Andrew is given the vital medicine in return. All he has to do is close his eyes to the injustice of the Havodren empire. When his latest orders arrive, however, he faces a battle he can’t win: enslave the humans on Imaranthis, signing away his conscience, or refuse and watch the Havodren slaughter the humans to gain their resources, losing the medicine his brother depends on in the process.

HOPE KILDARA is a the pilot for the humans’ daring exodus from Imaranthis, their one chance at leaving behind their Havodren oppressors. Before the escape, Hope and a few other pilots are taken prisoner on a Havodren siege ship, throwing their plans into chaos as the Havodren push for the humans’ unconditional surrender into enslavement. Hope has a single week to get off the siege ship and return home, otherwise her family and home will be abandoned without a pilot as the other humans flee.

The Selethar

YA High- Fantasy

Status: Draft Complete

Word Count: 69,000

Fifteen years ago, Selethars used their magic to ignite a bloody war between four kingdoms. Now, the Selethars that do not hide are hunted down and executed. Despite the treaty, peace between the four kingdoms is still tremulous as they struggle to recover from the brutal conflict.

ISOLYN, fifteen-year-old princess of Devont, still feels the wound that marks her failure in the previous tournament. With the next competition approaching, she must fight to regain the respect of her people. Isolyn is determined to win to put an end to the whispers behind her back but is also strangled by a fear of the past repeating itself. As tensions rise and Selethars grow insurgent, Isolyn knows she must prove her strength to her subjects and the other kingdoms in order to face the threats against Devont.

SCAR, Isolyn’s dressmaker and close friend, must conceal her sympathies regarding Selethars because of the savage laws surrounding them– a result of the treaty that ended the war. When Scar discovers a Selethar desperate to escape his dangerous situation, she agrees to help the man flee. However, the strain of balancing deceptions begins to weigh on her usually honest and kind demeanor as well as her friendship with Isolyn. As the situation becomes more dire, Scar is faced with the choice of saving this man’s life or keeping all she holds dear.

Meanwhile, ADREN, the nephew of one of the king’s most trusted lords, is sent to capture a Selethar who is ravaging nearby towns. With foreign dignitaries in the capital able to observe how Devont adheres to the treaty, the king is impatient to have the Selethar caught. The memory of the slaughter fifteen years ago is fresh in Adren’s mind, forcing him to overcome his struggles with the team so they can prevent another war from erupting.

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